I'm an experienced designer originally from rural PA. With a background in marketing design, I understand the importance of incorporating business needs into design solutions.
I started my career in New York working in sports at Madison Square Garden and later FanDuel (despite the fact that I've never played a sport in my life - total dance & musical theater nerd 🙋). 
I learned how to code at FanDuel, where I designed and built responsive, mobile-friendly landing pages for marketing campaigns and promotions. My background in HTML & CSS makes for a seamless collaboration with Engineering as I've worked on launching new digital experiences in my more recent positions.
I spent some time as Lead Visual Designer at ShopKeep, where I lead design direction & strategy. I led the design direction of a brand refresh across website, email, social and in-app experiences. I collaborated closely with Product to oversee creative direction on rebranding our app experiences. All of this work was completed with a close partnership with the acquisition team- to ensure all brand website updates maintained or improved conversion rates. 
I'm creative with a keen desire to validate my design work through data and user research. I love process and organization just as much as your team Project Manager, and love to problem-solve the most efficient workflows for my team. As a Pisces sun, I'm naturally empathetic to user needs and love to advocate for customers.
On weekends you can find me playing board games at a local brewery, creating macrame, or discussing astrology with my cat named Chorizo.
Thank you!
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