In spring of 2018, FanDuel promoted two new offers to entice new users to sign up. The first offer was "Play free until you win."  We took the idea of taking as many shots as you need, and applied it to real life situations. The result was a set of animated and static Facebook ads that were relatable but conveyed the sentiment of the offer. 
The second offer we promoted allowed new users to receive an extra bonus when they make their first deposit. (For example, deposit $5- get $1, deposit $100 - get $30).
We took the idea of receiving a bonus of something you love and ran with it. Who wouldn't want a bonus puppy.. or seven?
With the start of FanDuel Sportsbook, we wanted to create a splash using paid social assets. We created these eye-catching videos and stills to stop users in their social feeds and get them to engage with FanDuel's new Sportsbook platform. 

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