I spearheaded the redesign of ShopKeep's website lead form. The same form, or variations of it, was used across as the only means to generate leads for our Sales team. The previous version had consisted a modal with multiple questions spanning multiple pages. Each question had a dropdown menu that required multiple clicks to fill out each question. After clicking into a question to see the options, users were no longer able to see the question being asked. I saw this as a huge opportunity for improvement, and dove into best practices research. ​​​​

The original form design

I redesigned the form to be more visual and easy to use through the use of bright icons, and expanding the experience to take over the entire screen. I added a progress bar and showed users how many more steps they needed to complete to fill out the form. We weren't able to reduce the number of questions on the form because of current sales process restrictions, but hopefully we will be able to experiment with it in future iterations. The redesigned form increased page conversion from 9.7% to 11.5% during the first month that it was implemented.
On the ShopKeep homepage, we also implemented an interactive form call-to-action where users could select their business vertical and specific business type without leaving the page. This allowed users to skip the first step of the form, which cut down on the amount of time it took users to complete the form, as well as decreasing dropoff.
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